Apr 26

Exporting MARPLOT Basemap Information

When you are doing searches in the basemap, you are relegated to the first five columns of data that are in the imported spreadsheets.  There is a lot of really good information there that we have been missing.  Now, there is a fix for this problem.

Taken from an email with Tom Bergman:

This is a highly-desired addition to MARPLOT Basemap.  It allows direct access to any original .dbf or .txt file imported to the Basemap in EXCEL format.  Everyone should try this ASAP and send back any comments to us.  Copy and paste in the 2 attached files as per the instructions below, and then import a .txt or shapefile to MARPLOT.  Do a Quick Search and choose the Basemap Get Info, which will display the usual MARPLOT Search Collection box, but notice there is now an “Export” button.  Select the Export button, and the original .dbf or .txt file should open in EXCEL, and display the entire contents of that file, not just the first 5 columns.

We would like to see if it works for all of you!!!  It opens up a whole new world of spreadsheet data management using the Basemap.  You can incorporate and access links to Internet addresses, photos, videos, etc. directly from the EXCEL file as well as access information from the .dbf or .txt files.

Export Code (Please save this zip file to your computer)

Replace the two files in
c:\program files\marplot\basemaptools