Marplot Data Sets

United States National Grid
I found myself looking for a better way to view the national grid a little while back because I was tired of losing my map detail when I brought them up in the basemap. I have structured this new set to be viewable by the county so that they load faster and when used as an overlay they can be used as boundaries for object searches or grid marking. I have also rebuilt the national grid that is housed in the basemap to open as polylines and by doing so, they also do not affect the layers that are set below them. Polyline shp files will follow shortly.
Oklahoma Regional Response System Maps

With these two zip files, you will be able to place the regional response map in the basemap builder as polylines and you will also be able to place them in an overlay as polygon objects to make each region selectable and searchable. Soon we will add a full map of all regional response equipment.